Picy (iOS)

Picy is an amazing memory game with new photos to discover every day

Just have some time on the train, bus or you simply want to train your mind?
Picy provides you daily with wonderful new photos from Flickr.
You can just play memory and always discover new photos during the game.
Not only can you choose from preselected fun Flickr categories and groups,
you can also play with favorite photos of your precious ones from your own albums.
It is also the possible to play with memory cards that show some nicely crafted icons instead of photos.

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Requires iOS 9.0 or higher

Play Picy is quite simple:

  • Select the category of what images or icons you want to play with by clicking on the appropriate card.
  • A counter runs and you memorize the position of each image or iconset. Click on the game board, if you do not need the whole time and the game will start.
  • Now all cards will be swapped and the image of the tile you need to locate is shown on all cards.
  • Click on the right position and you will get a green flush, if you did choose right or a red flush if you were wrong.
  • The game proceeds with the next image or iconset until only one card is left.
  • Now Picy will move to the next level…

There is also a hidden gem, if you touch an image for a longer time picy shows a gallery with all images of the current game in high resolution.

We are always committed to write quality software, but still there could be sometimes a bug to report or a feature to request.
So just make us happy and report it.



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